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Fair Usage Policy

Fair usage or Resource Abuse Policy
This Resource Abuse Policy (RAP) applies to you if iwrahost.com, (hereafter remarked as Iwrahost, we, North American nation or our) is providing Service to you and your account is in smart standing. Terms not outlined during this RAP have the that means given to them in your agreement with Iwrahost.Resource UsageAny web site on our shared servers that uses a high quantity of server resources (CPU, memory usage, Associate in Nursingd network resources) are given an choice to procure an avid server. The abuse and misuse of shared system resources could be a significant issue. Accounts on a shared server should share resources with alternative users therefore we have a tendency to should limit what proportion of the central processing unit and memory which will be utilized by anybody account. Any questions on our abuse policy is also answered by gap a price tag with our abuse division. you’ll visit the help desk by clicking here.

Average Server Resource Limits• Memory usage might not exceed 100 percent per domain/file/application

• central processing unit usage might not exceed two hundredth per domain/file/application

• Apache connections might not exceed thirty connections

• MySQL connections might not exceed fifteen user connections

• 350 emails per hour, per domain There ar special exceptions to those rules to be determined at the time we have a tendency to discover abuse. There ar totally different combos of usage which will produce issues and alternative special cases. At Associate in Nursingy given time a server is unstable and an account is found to be the cause, we have a tendency to reserve the proper to suspend the account to stay the server on-line and in operation ordinarily. If the usage is Associate in Nursing increasing trend, we have a tendency to suggest the user invest in an exceedingly dedicated server therefore the web site will grow at a standard rate while not restriction.

SuspensionsIn the event your web site has been suspended for resource abuse (abuse that can’t be resolved by removing/changing a script, etc.) and you are doing not would like to upgrade to an avid server to accommodate your website desires, we are going to solely unleash the suspension among 24-48 hours. this is often to confirm the central processing unit intensive website slows down in traffic to avoid more harm and issues. A backup can then be provided of your files otherwise you are allowed FTP/cPanel access for a definite fundamental quantity. Any questions on our abuse policy is also answered by gap a price tag with our abuse division. you’ll visit the help desk by clicking here.

InodesAccounts on Associate in Nursingy shared hosting account might not have an excessive variety of inodes. Any account found to possess over one hundred,000 inodes is also faraway from our backup system to forestall overload. Any account seen to be extraordinary 250,000 inodes is in danger for suspension. A warning are sent and if no action is taken to resolve the problem, the account is also suspended. each file on the account is counted as one inode. This includes mail in addition as webpage content.

CronWe permit customers to line up cron jobs to perform routine functions mechanically. Any shopper UN agency schedules cron jobs in such a way that jobs take a lot of then 0.5 the time to complete before future scheduled iteration, and a lot of oftentimes then ten minutes is abusing the cron system. Any automatic processes that overly consume resources and impact server stability is also disabled at our discretion by our technicians.

Third Party Application & software support

We provide third party software and application support for installation and bug fixing at free of cost. however they are not limited provide to all available web applications. i.e. we do not provide support for php composer and likely web applications should be self managed by end users.

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