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Hosting Provider Company History.

By the year 2003 to 2007, IWRA  had excellency in setting-up, administering, implementing and managing local servers and intranets for medium and large enterprises. By the time of IWRA formed, the founder; ever had a dream to have a business which will have the heart and soul to read and understand client concern.

iwrahost.com, we currently ranked among the world’s one of the best budget hosting provider company having prime quality of service and satisfied clients. Now we become IWRA GROUP of Companies which has been managed by a team of entrepreneurs. We carry out the current need of the global marketplace and implement our unique strategy for the coverage to all categories of service seekers through assuring quality and budgeted quotes.

What We Do

As of our past experience, we aware of the current and further need of instantly changing business policy in the information technology. Consequently, from the beginning of the year 2008; we initiated “iwrahost.com” as a division of “IWRA” company. Being an internet service provider for the web data, online pages and server based web applications. We currently offer managed, cloud and ssd based website hosting and reseller hosting solution. We also rent self managed and fully managed VPS hosting and Dedicated Servers. Our main theme on dealing with clients is, we maintain good quality of service, we assure business stability and reliability, we hire skilled manpower for best client support instead quick and all in a cheap and affordable price.

Our Experiences

We are the winner of our ten years of client trust and reliability. Furthermore, by the end of 2017 we managed to host 4318 clients’ websites in our three different private dedicated servers located in Orlando, Florida USA .
Finally, we are more than happy from our loyal and satisfied clients as we do not find any single bad internet reviews that concerned to our existing web service.
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