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How to remove, add or renew auto SSL Certificate from website domain

cPanel inc provides documentation on this process as we will be linking below. To summarize, you will need to do the following:

cPanel Documentation on AutoSSL:

Delete an SSL:
1. Log into WHM
2. Under “SSL/TLS”, select “Manage SSL Hosts”
3. Locate the domain in which you wish to setup
4. On the right hand side, select “Delete”

This documentation is supported for the web hosting plan purchased from iwrahost and only reseller hosting account, vps or dedicated server owners have rights to undertake this action  from WHM panel.

Set up AutoSSL on a domain:
1. Under “Manage Users”, search for the cPanel username for the domain
2. If it is not already selected, check “Enable AutoSSL”
3. Select “Check”

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